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Looking to transform your high heels? We’ve collected many great tutorials for you on DIY Heels. Whether you’re looking for a fun project, to upcycle an old pair of pumps, or save money by bedazzling heels yourself, look no further!

These suggestions for DIY Heels cover all the bases. From glitter to fur, you’re bound to find inspiration within these ideas. Or you will feel so accomplished after watching everyone else’s hard work, you can call it a day!

Either way, enjoy these lovely DIY Heels ideas we’ve collected! xo

Featured Image: Flickr

10+ Must See DIY Heels Tutorials

1. Top 10 DIY High Heels

This is a video on 10 great DIY Heels ideas. It doesn’t delve too much into each one, but is great for a jumping off point and inspiration! Some of the designs include painting the bottom of your heels, glitter, and bejeweling.

2. DIY Fur Heels

This is a good video for DIY Heels to add fur. It’s short, sweet, and straight to the point. It’s only about 5 minutes long, but cuts right to the chase and covers the bases.

3. 15 Easy Ideas for DIY High Heels

BeModish has a great collection of 15 picture tutorials for DIY high heels. If you’d rather not sit through a video or just want inspiration, these are perfect for you. Some of the ideas include adding bows, lace, tassels, or studs to your high heels.

4. DIY Lace Up Heels

Image: Flickr

This is a short video tutorial for lace up heels from The Hallmark Channel. This video is about 5 minutes long, and great if you want to transform a pair of your existing heels.

5. DIY Sexy Lace Illusion Heels

If you want to create something a bit from scratch, this video is in your neighborhood. You will need a pair of clear heels to create designer inspired lace illusion high heels.



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