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We’ve seen many fun trends for high heels 2018. The glamorous, the fun, and the just-plain-wacky. Though some shoe trends this year have been crazy, the opposite is also true. As such, there have been some gorgeous styles. I would say 2018 was kind of “anything goes” for shoes! We just shared styles for boots 2018; and many of these trends echo into fall. Check out these 25 trends for killer heels in all forms: sandals, pumps, boots, and more.


High Heels 2018: Trends & Most Stylish


1. Pastel Hues


2. Metallic High Heels


3. Chunky Block Heels


4. Tropical Print/Palm Leaf Heels



4. Fruity Patterns


5. Denim High Heels


6. Wrap-Up High Heels


7. Kitten Heels


8. Gingham Print Heels


9. Heels with Stripes

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